Sunday, October 18, 2020

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Bob and I will be celebrating

our 14th Wedding Anniversary

this Wednesday...

Maude & Bob Pych--October 21, 2006

Here's an anniversary poem

written for my hubby...


For Bob, with love—10/21/2020


There’s a framed poem

hanging on our kitchen wall

that I wrote while we were

on our honeymoon


We were at the Pool of Bethesda

in the Holy land—

Our tour guide told us

Bethesda means

house of loving-kindness


At that precise moment, I vowed

our home would be Bethesda—

a house of loving-kindness


Today is our 14th anniversary

and that honeymoon promise

has held true


Our home is still our sanctuary—

our peaceful refuge


It is a humble dwelling

but the very place we are pleased

to return to when the key

turns in the lock


As we enter, you predictably quote

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz:


There’s no place like home!


Those words

and our shared happiness

never fail to put a smile on my face


Happy anniversary, darling!


God bless you for being

the cherished personification

of loving-kindness in my life


Maude Carolan Pych


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Let's Take a Brisk Autumn Walk...

 "The falling leaves drift by the window

the autumn leaves of red and gold..."

calling us to go for a brisk autumn walk

and hear the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.

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I meander through woods

along a beaten pathway in North Jersey

and the music begins immediately


There’s chittering of crickets

and the cacophony of other insects

that are hanging on to life

until the frost, which will come soon

Leaves rustle in the trees

some whoosh past me

as they fall to the ground

and there’s a crunch

of dry ones beneath my feet


I hear an occasional snap of a twig

and the scamper of squirrels

or chipmunks, a raccoon

or field mice scurrying unseen

up and down tree trunks

or frolicking in the dense brush


There may be hidden deer or a bear

Some sounds I cannot identify


Birdsong completely fills the air

all kinds of birdsong—

chirps and coos

and warbles and squawks

I even hear the flutter

of wing flaps


Tying everything together

is the faintest whistling in the breeze

that feels something like tinnitus

ringing in my ears

but it’s not unpleasant


All the sounds blend together

into Nature’s symphony—

a serenade to my spirit

as I stroll


Maude Carolan Pych

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Sunday, October 4, 2020

A Visit to the Holy Land

Soon it'll be time to think about the holidays,

and when that time comes...

consider giving my book of poetry

about the Birth, Death & Resurrection of Jesus.

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And now, a poem from my book,

Behold the Lamb...poetically!



Israel Pilgrimage—1986


We’re at Chorazin, trying

to make ourselves comfortable

amid the ancient ruins

of the cursed city


I look for a patch

of dry grass to sit upon;

others sit on some rocks

Wayne[1] props himself

against an acacia tree


We’re wearing head coverings

to shield us from the sun—

It’s hot!


Beside us are box lunches

and water bottles

that we’ve brought

from the hotel


We open our Bibles

to Luke 10:13


Woe to you Chorazin;

woe to you Bethsaida…


Wayne begins teaching—


I think of Jesus—

imagine Him propped

against a tree

like Wayne


imagine myself at His feet—

like Mary of Bethany

like an apostle


imagine us opening

our lunch sacks—

barley loaves; some fish

fresh from the depths

of the Galilee nearby


imagine listening to every word

as the Master pronounces woes

on the unrepentant cities


That was nearly

two millennia ago—

This is 1986

It is Wayne who is explaining

the Scriptures to us

not Jesus


We offer praise to God

and sing Hallels from the Psalms

A few birds are chirping

The sun-scorched clumps

of grass are lumpy beneath me

I smell the dry earth

and swat at a few pesky gnats

Perspiration beads up on my brow

I wipe it away

It is, I suppose, much the same

as it was way back then


and as it was then for them

I want the Word

to take root inside of me—

be it woes and chastisements

be it beatitudes and blessings—

take root

as it did in Mary

as it did in the apostles


for I, too, am a disciple

of the Lord


Maude Carolan Pych

[1] Rev. Wayne Monbleau is the founder of Loving Grace Ministries and host of the Christian radio call-in counseling program, “Let’s Talk About Jesus.” He led this 1986 pilgrimage to Israel.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Return -- Washington, DC


Jonathan Cahn, blowing the shofar

at The Return, Washington DC, September 26, 2020


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble

themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from

their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I

will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV


I grew up loving Jesus

and blessing the USA—

With my classmates every morning

I’d bow my head and pray.


God Bless America we’d sing

with heartfelt awe and pride

aware that God Almighty

was our nation’s Holy Guide


Our churches were full of people

and from our homes flags flew;

we saluted veterans, and

respected leaders, too.


We knew America was beautiful,

“God shed His grace on thee!”

then took that grace for granted

and failed to bend a knee.


The years have led us far off course;

and faith in God has waned—

Our leaders now get less respect.

The Bible’s been profaned.


In the shadow of 9/11

we live every day.

Many hearts are downcast;

many folks have lost their way.


So I’m praying for revival—

We need it desperately!

Let us repent before our God

with true sincerity.


When we return to follow Him

He’ll restore His loving grace.

From sea to shining sea, our Lord

will shine again His Face.


Oh, come and join your prayers to mine,

let’s do it every day.

Ask God to heal this troubled land

and vow to live His way.


Maude Carolan Pych

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Trumpet Call

 Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Sounding the Shofar at the Friday Evening Livestream

Rosh Hoshanna Service, Beth Israel Worship Center, Wayne, NJ.



I reach for my sweater against the chill

The crickets are chittering

Sunflowers have shed their golden petals

and a few green tomatoes remain

abandoned on the vines

It’s September—

the High Holy Days are approaching


Soon I will gather with mishpoceh[1]

in the parking lot outside Beth Israel

We will observe Rosh Hoshanna

Rabbi Jonathan[2] will sound

his kudu shofar beneath the full moon—

Tekiah—Shevarim—Teruah—Tekiah Gedolah[3]


Sages tell us the first day of the month of Tishri

is the day God created the world

the world He so loved

the world He gave His only Son to save

The trumpeting reminds me

to reflect upon my relationship

with this God of my salvation

reminds me, humbly, to prepare for Yom Kippur


So I ponder the Day of Atonement

ponder the High Priest entering the Holy of Holies

sprinkling the blood of the sacrifice upon the Mercy Seat

ponder the sacrificed goat and the scapegoat

ponder forgiveness

ponder my sins, atoned for by Yeshua[4]

ponder my High Priest, the Perfect Sacrifice

Who offered His Very Own Blood

on my behalf


Next will be Sukkot

the Feast of Tabernacles—

From inside a leafy sukkah

I’ll be reminded of the sojourn of God’s people

to the Promised Land

reminded of my very own sojourn

toward God’s promise—

eternal life with Him

in Heaven


Maude Carolan Pych

[1] Mishpoceh is Hebrew for family.

[2] Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, worship leader of Beth Israel Worship Center, Wayne, NJ.

[3] These are the various sounds of the shofar (ram’s horn) on Rosh Hoshanna.

[4] Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus.

Notice: Coming up next weekend is The Return in Washington, DC. Pray for repentance and revival in the United States and throughout the world. Attend, if you're able, or watch the live simulcast. For more information go to

Sunday, September 13, 2020

America Needs God

 On September 26th there'll be a gathering in Washington DC to pray for our nation and for revival. The event is called, "The Return." Go to Washington (there'll be buses) or pray right where you are. There'll also be simulcasts. More information is available online. In the meantime pray for its success. Pray! Pray! Pray!

America, Bless God!

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Written in the wake of the September 11, 2001, Attack on America


We’ve been told, God doesn’t belong in our schools

He doesn’t belong in public buildings

not in the town square, not at baseball games

We may not pray to Him in our classrooms

His Name has been shushed from graduations

Our witness at work has been silenced

Crèches and menorahs have been removed from government properties

and replaced with roly-poly Santas, tinseled trees, and dreidels

Christmas and Hanukkah have been neutered

with wishes of “season’s greetings,” “happy holidays”

We’ve been closeted by the separation of church and state

in this free country founded as a safe haven for religious freedom


but when those 767s flew into those magnificent towers, September 11th

when those great towers imploded, when thousands died tragically

and shockwaves of grief and terror riveted our planet

suddenly our churches filled

God’s name arose boldly on banners all across the land

It was posted, plastered, scrawled, and spoken

prayed to by the President, our leaders, newsmen

It appeared on school message boards

bumper stickers, lapel pins, buttons

It was superimposed upon flag decals glued to our windowpanes

It was emblazoned upon our chests on patriotic T-shirts

and it appeared over and over and over on subway prayer walls

along with Scotch-taped photos of those who were missing

Thousands proclaimed it loud and clear

at candlelight vigils and a prayer service at Yankee Stadium

and we all sang it with tears

“God Bless America,” our truer anthem


If we’ve been complacent; if we’ve swept Him aside

packed Him away in attic trunks

with things we thought we wouldn’t need any more

He’s waiting with arms outstretched

love streaming from His eyes

and we need Him to heal our shattered hearts


Oh, let’s keep the “God Bless” in our “America”

and Americans, let us “Bless God”

O let us never let go of Him again


Maude Carolan

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Two Books & a Poem



Here are two new releases that I gladly recommend...The first, "The Harbinger II" is by my pastor/rabbi, Jonathan Cahn; the second, "A Lifetime of Love" is by my good friend, Evelyn Lang. Here's a bit about each of them...

New Release From 5-Time New York Times Best Selling Author Jonathan Cahn!

In 2012 Jonathan Cahn caused a worldwide sensation with the release of his first book and massive bestseller, The Harbinger. It has been hailed as “stunning,” “prophetic,” “mind-blowing,” and “astonishing.” Cahn followed it with his bestsellers The Mystery of the ShemitahThe Book of Mysteries, The Paradigm, and The Oracle. But he has always held off on writing a sequel to The Harbinger, believing it was not yet the time. But now is the time.  With the release of The Harbinger II, Cahn will reveal what could not be revealed up until now, including the mysteries that couldn’t be put into The Harbinger—the mysteries and prophetic harbingers that have manifested since the book came out—and the mysteries of what is yet to come. The Harbinger II will take the mystery to new dimensions and heights of revelation. Prepare to be blown away!

A Lifetime of Love is a new release by Christian author and speaker, Evelyn Lang!

Have you ever longed for a more intimate relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Do you want to develop a closer, more loving relationship with your spouse, family, or friends? Then Evelyn Lang's new book is for you! It will give you practical and spiritual nuggets of wisdom that will help you grow closer in those relationships. Using Biblica principles, it will answer questions about how to handle issues for people going through sometimes very difficult, yet common experiences. It deals with the spiritual love of the Father for us as His children, Jesus' love for us as His Bride, and the Holy Spirit's love for us as our Comforter and Friend, as well as our earthly love for our spouses, families, and friends -- and the hurts we may have in dealing with real, ordinary, imperfect people. There are many books on love, but this one will get to the "heart" of it!

Both books are available at and elsewhere.


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The curtain is drawn—

The show was a success

but the show is over


My sunflowers have taken

their final bow

The applause has stopped

Their once radiant faces

are sagging now, and pale

Birds peck at them

and fly away with their seeds

Once golden haloes

are but shriveled petals

scattered upon the ground


Gone are their glory days


A week ago

they shone with glorious splendor

like suns upon the earth

standing tall, heads high. Proud

kings of the garden

causing everyone

to turn their head

and smile


Today, their bent withering stalks

are turning brown

Just their skeletons remain


They’ve become harbingers

of summer’s demise


Maude Carolan Pych